Point/counterpoint on parental monitoring

Continuing to highlight reflections from ALA’s Privacy and Youth Conference for Choose Privacy Week, today we feature two articles that provide a point/counterpoint on the contentious issue of parental monitoring.

Conference speaker Cory Doctorow took a strong stance against monitoring technologies, or “nannyware,” as he called it. This sparked discussion and debate among attendees, with strong feelings on both sides. As with so many privacy issues today, parental monitoring is not a question of “right vs. wrong.” Instead it inhabits the challenging, gray area of “right vs. right” — where parents are right to be involved in protecting their children, and privacy activists are right to advocate protection of young people’s freedoms.

We are delighted to share perspectives from Sarah Darer Littman, an author and parent, on why she believes proactive parenting is both important and necessary; and from Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Executive Director of the National Youth Rights Association, on why he believes parental surveillance undermines trust and fails to keep kids safe.

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